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Fit Monster is a brand that specializes in providing innovative solutions for health and fitness. We offer intelligent fitness, digital sports, haptic interaction, and 3D courses. Their goal is to make fitness more enjoyable and accessible to everyone. With the help of their advanced technology, users can enjoy a personalized workout experience and reach their fitness goals faster. We also supports a wide range of activities, such as basketball, running, cycling, and more. Fit Monster is your digital fitness partner and companion, make sport more fun to help you achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

Our Smart Fitness

We provide a new generation of intelligent fitness and exercise solutions, bringing you a brand new sense of sports fun.



Our Smart jump rope and smart running, smart cycling equipment can help you effectively burn fat in the shortest possible time, achieving the effect of fitness!
We provide Smart jump rope, Smart Grip, Smart AB wheel, Smart Sport Genie ...etc


Body Building

Smart dumbbells and Anaerobic exercise equipment are the best choice for you to strengthen muscles and sculpt your figure.
We provide Smart Dumbbell and Smart Adjusting Dumbbells, Smart Voice Push-up ...etc


Yoga & Meditation

The intelligent Yoga mat can help you improve the level of your body and mind. With the help of breath and heart rate data collection, you can better understand your body.
We provide Smart Resistance Band, Smart Yoga Dumbbell, Smart Yoga Mat ...etc


About Us

Fit Monster is a brand focused on the field of technological fitness, founded in 2007 and headquartered in Songshan Lake High tech Park, Guangdong Province. The founding team of Fit Monster is a group of fitness enthusiasts and technology enthusiasts. We hope to provide high-tech and fun fitness equipment products to more people. In the brand story of Fit Monster, the initial inspiration comes from the founder's love for high-tech and fitness industry. We believe that fitness not only allows people to have a healthier lifestyle, but also allows them to gain more confidence and strength mentally. Therefore, Fit Monster integrate technology and entertainment into fitness equipment, and undergo rigorous testing and perfect design to provide users with the best fitness experience. The core concept of the brand is "innovation, persistence, and transcendence", which is also the goal that Fit Monster have always been committed to developing and helping all partners who pursue a healthy life.

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Focus Technology

We focus on making fitness and sports devices better using Bluetooth and sensors!

Bluetooth Technology

Low Power, Baseband, Antenna, Firmware ...etc

Sensor Technology

ADC, AI Camera, Gyroscope, Optics ...


RISC-V, SOC, Sensor, Power Technology ...

APP & Cloud

App, multiplayer connection, social gaming, cloud computing

Motion Sensing Game

3D and Game Creation ...


Provide assistance for a healthy lifestyle, perfect integration of technology and fitness.

Smart Skipping Accurate counting, voice counting, skipping rhythm calculation, calorie burning, and optimal fat burning exercise.

*NT930 Smart rope
*SJ500 Smart rope
*SJ300 Smart rope
*SJ100X Smart rope
*School training system

Smart Dumbbell The world's first smart voice dumbbell, taking you step by step to shape your body muscles.

*SY100 Smart dumbbell
*Y1 Smart dumbbell

Smart Adjusting Dumbbells No need to buy dumbbells of different weights anymore. One adjustment dumbbell will accompany you on your training journey.

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Smart Grip Train your grip and finger strength, enhance cardiovascular ability, and enjoy fitness activities while playing games and entertainment.

*SJ200 Smart grip

Smart Resistance Band Resistance Band can be used to increase body flexibility, such as increasing the strength of the hind leg muscles and improving the body's balance ability.

SR100 Smart Resistance Band

Smart AB Wheel The use of the Smart AB wheel can strengthen the Rectus abdominis muscle and transversus abdominis and other abdominal muscle groups, help to enhance the strength and endurance of the abdominal muscles.

Smart AB Wheel

Smart Sport Genie Built-in 9 axis motion algorithms for running, cycling, boxing, and weightlifting, compact in size, combined with our interactive games, allowing you to enjoy the joy of fitness in entertainment.

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Smart Voice Push-up The best choice of Push-up and plank support can exercise back, triceps, shoulders, chest muscles. Multiple sports mode options interact with fitness games, bringing you joy in sports.

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Our Service

We provide a variety of services and welcome you to become our partner. We provide OEM or ODM services and cooperate with various product development.


Welcome to become a member of our big family and work together to achieve our dreams.
  • Global Countries and Market Protection.
  • Enjoy the highest priority in market sales.
  • Regular market information exchange.
  • Enjoy the lowest product price.

OEM Service

Empowering your companies and assisting more platforms
  • Full range of intelligent fitness products.
  • Fast entry of products into the market.
  • Complete solution for software and hardware.
  • Continuous innovative product delivery.

ODM Cooperation

As long as you want, we can help you achieve your wishes
  • Complete solution for software and hardware.
  • Interactive Games and 3D Content.
  • APP and Cloud Database
  • Specialize in sensors, Bluetooth and WiFi.
Fit Monster APP

The Fit Monster APP can connect our various fitness equipment, such as Smart Skipping, Smart Dumbbells, Smart Resistance band, Smart Grip, Smart Push-up board and other smart fitness equipment. It has heart rate, calories, historical sport records, data analysis, rank, medal, video teaching courses, interactive games and more functions. It can record the changes in your body caused by your exercise. Its unique 3D interactive course is the best virtual coach to accompany you to fitness at home!

Smart Grip Arm Wrestle
Interactive Games

An interactive game developed specifically for Smart grip , which can exercise your smart grip and forearm muscles in game entertainment. The game allows for two person arm wrestle competition, suitable for friend gatherings or family parent-child activities !
for Smart Grip only!

Smart Grip Head Football
Interactive Games

An interactive game developed specifically for Smart grip , which can exercise your smart grip and forearm muscles in game entertainment. The game allows for two person head football competition, suitable for friend gatherings or family game !
for Smart Grip only!
Coming soon...


Our team is committed to providing our customers with a positive experience.

If you are currently experiencing product-related issues or have additional questions, please visit the Support tab of our website to complete Fit-Monster’s Customer Care online form so we can better serve your needs.

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